A Destination

Ming Cheng Kuo and Mei Jung Shih opened KS Tian Yuen Restaurant in 2007 after discovering the beauty of Cloverdale on a drive through northern Sonoma County. They were drawn to the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains, the lush vineyards, and the Russian River flowing through the quiet valley. With all the passions and loves, now they opened another KS Tian Yuen in Windsor.

In Taiwan, their home and the crossroads of many cultures, they learned to know the flavors and fragrances of diverse Asian cuisines. They became experts in creating the foods of Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan, and Vietnam. Mei has brought the peace and stillness of Cloverdale and Windsor into KS Tian Yuen, along with the Asian ambiance. She is happy, she says, offering her customers a diverse menu of fresh, healthy food.

HAMACHI nigiri

Hamachi, known as yellow tail. Available under Sushi Menu - Nigiri Sushi.      

Dry Sake

We carry variety of sakes, available in either hot or cold in different sizes.

House Chow Mein

One of the most popular dishes. Available under Asian Menu - Entrees.